L.A. Witt

So here’s where I regale you with a thing or two about me.

My real name is Lori A. Witt.  I was born and raised in Seattle, spent five years in Norfolk, Virginia, then moved to Okinawa, Japan, at the end of 2008, where I currently live with my husband and two cats.  In late 2011, we relocated back to the States to spend three years in Nebraska.

I write full-time now, but in other times and places, I have worked in everything from customer service to lower management, from jewelry to car rentals to compressed gas equipment to adult film production. I was also a professional photographer at one point, but decided I enjoyed it more as a hobby than a career. My husband and I still enjoy photography and happen to live in a place that lends itself very well to a couple of shutterbugs. Pictures and tales of our adventures here can be found, in between rantings and commentary on writing, on my personal blog.

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